Art school grad, graphic designer, photographer and roller girl Lauren Nicole launched her first jewelry collection in 2008. Inspired by her love of art history, typography, music and urban street culture, Lauren’s designs beautifully convey the juxtaposition of her fine art education and urban aesthetic. Whether they’re made with stainless steel or acrylic, fine gemstones or found objects, Lauren’s pieces are finely crafted and very often one-of-a-very-few.

In her spare time, Lauren is usually outside taking photographs or doing something sporty and extreme like snowboarding, skateboarding, or mountain biking. She is a foodie with a penchant for Asian cuisine, has a passion for hip-hop music, and throws a mean block to the hip. She skates for the North Star Roller Girls under the name ‘Ella Fresh.

All graphic design & photography is created in house @ Infraredstudio.